We are Rob and Jenna Crenshaw

Our desire is to live purely for Christ. This statement has a few different implications. First, we only want to live for Christ and what He has for us. Second, we want to make sure our actions, thoughts and motives are pure. This is something we know we can’t do in our own strength. Our desire with this blog is to help strengthen you to live pure.

We are Rob and Jenna Crenshaw. Our lives crossed over twenty years ago when we were living life in our own ways. Over the weeks and months to come, we look forward to sharing our story with you to encourage you, build you up and give you hope as you are strengthened in the Lord. Whether you are walking firmly along with Jesus, if you struggle daily living for Him believing that He is real and true, or if you have never known Him as God and Lord, this blog is for you!  We believe that the issues at hand impact all people and all relationships.  We want to be your team captains as we journey together.

We are Rob and Jenna Crenshaw

Each month we will provide a tool that you can use in different areas of your life. These tools will help strengthen you to live purely for Christ. We hope you are encouraged as you see and feel the refinement happening in your own life just as we have in ours.

While we know that one or the other of us could easily speak to the topics of purity, faith, hope, joy, answered prayers and conquering sin, we also know that God has taken us along a road that we believe we are meant to walk together. That means sharing our ideas together with you, giving you both sides of the man/woman battle and at the same time, speaking specifically to the men, or specifically to the women. You will find that we are going to be doing both.

Having said that, we will be scheduling weekly blogs to post on Fridays.  You will come to see that each week will be a different aspect, but over the months there will be unity and consistency in the flow of the material coming to you.

Why Friday? After all, isn’t that when people are getting ready for the weekend? Exactly!

We want to equip you to succeed. One of the ways we can do that is to give you a boost just before going into the weekend. The week gets long and we are tired by the weekend and that is where we need to be our strongest. So if we can provide a tool or encouragement or something that will strengthen you for the weekend, then you will have a better chance of staying strong.

What you can expect from us:

Week 1:  The monthly update and tools for the month. This may be strategies, specific tools, internet  or other resources.  It may be more than one thing, but it will not be more than you can grab onto one month at a time.

Weeks 2 and 3:  A blog post from Jenna and then from Rob.  These will be topical and/or just something from the heart. Although they may be different topics and from our own perspective, you will see how they will fit together in the whole picture of strengthening you to live pure.

Week 4:  A joint post, giving you both the male and female views of a specific topic or issue.  This is our, “He said/She said” approach. This is a fun way for us to discuss topics or issues, giving you different versions at the same time while speaking to the heart.

Week 5:  When there is a fifth Friday in a month, like there is in March this year, we will have a bonus blog. You can look forward to stories that we want to share for encouragement and hope for your journey. We will also be looking for guest writers that will contribute.

As an added boon, starting April 1st we are going to begin monthly challenges.  This is going to be a fun (maybe), thought provoking (hopefully), and even annoying (very possibly) application to our month.  We have become so desensitized on issues of purity that we often don’t even realize how far into the muck we are.  Much like violence or other issues that we are highly exposed to, when we see enough of it, it becomes normal.  When it becomes normal you can tolerate more of whatever it is…and on it goes!  These challenges are ones that we are going to do along side you and see how we handle them each month ourselves.  We don’t want you to think that we have it all down, or don’t ever struggle with temptation and what the world has to offer.  This battle is ongoing, but it can be halted, restrained, and even conquered!!

We look forward to dialoging with you and hearing of your successes and even failures.  We are here to support you and encourage you to keep going!  As the Psalmist says, “When the humble see it they will be glad; you who seek God, let your hearts revive.” (Psalm 69:32) Let us seek God together and be revived.

Rob & Jenna Crenshaw

Author: Rob and Jenna Crenshaw

Finding strength in purity. It's not our story, it's His.

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