About Jenna

Through life, that stems from good and bad decisions, Jenna has developed a passion to serve young women who are seeking a deeper relationship with God. God has equipped Jenna with a compassionate heart and a joy of following Jesus.

After becoming a mother at a young age, Jenna was searching for a love that she thought another person would be able to fill. The father of her child left, not wanting to be married just because they had a kid together and unwilling to work on the relationship. She finally found that love in someone she knew of her whole life, but had never taken the time to get to know. It wasn’t in the marriage she jumped into right away, it was when she gave her life to Jesus Christ.

Through Christ, she felt lead to California where she hoped to fulfill her dream of acting. But God had other plans for her. As events of life unfolded, including infidelity and divorce in her marriage, God lead her on a path of forgiveness. Through this, she started volunteering and then working for a local pregnancy center wanting to give back from her experience as a teen and the love she felt when she was a client at a pregnancy center.

Jenna desires to share her passion of living purely for Christ through sharing her experiences, both the ups and downs, in order to help others have a deeper relationship with Christ.

Both Rob and Jenna’s stories join as God brought them together for a purpose neither one could have imagined or dreamed.