Since we are taking somewhat of a break for the month September, yet still wanting to bring truth and encouragement, we thought a revisit to a previous post would be worthwhile.  We pray you too are seeking your “rest” and searching the scriptures for the Lord’s leading and guiding in your life.  

Le Tour De La Vie

It’s funny to me how my interest in cycling has somewhat mirrored my walk with the Lord. One has given me a healthy life and the other an eternal life. And as I learn more about the Tour, the more I see how we can learn from cyclists on the Tour de France for our walk together in our tour de la vie, or our tour of life.

I love my wife! Now what?

In today’s world it is so easy to “show” your spouse that you love them. Hallmark has made a business of it. Jewelry commercials have, “I love you,” all over them. It is even easier to tell your spouse you love them. So easy, in fact, that many people have told their boss, friend or a complete stranger that they love them upon ending a phone call only to pause and turn red-faced in realization.