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Each month, we will be posting on Fridays on a schedule that will allow you, the reader, to gain tools, insights and encouragement throughout the month. You can see the schedule below with a brief explanation of each week’s focus. Sign up to receive email notices of new posts, follow us on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that you can be strengthened to live pure, no matter what stage of life you are in or what your history is like.


We will start the month off with some tools that you will be able to use. Take this month to practice these and see what changes in your life, focus and walk with the Lord. You can always go back and revisit previous month’s tools for a refresher or reminder by going to the Tools tab.

Jenna says/Rob says

Weeks 2 and 3 will be written from the women’s point of view and the man’s respectively. Although the topics won’t necessarily be the same by both each week, you will be able to either connect with or gain an understanding by the posts. There are times when we feel like we are the only ones dealing with one thing or another. By connecting with these posts, you will see that you aren’t alone and that, in and of itself, will help strengthen you. Other times, we need to see a different perspective, or see something in a new light. By being able to understand a different view on something, this gives us the ability to have a better grasp on that thing, therefore, strengthening us along the way. Whether you are a female or male, we encourage you to read both weeks in order to be strengthened.

He said/She said

This week is extra fun for us as we both address the same subject. Again, you will be able to either connect or gain a different perspective through these posts. It is super fun for us because we pick a subject, sit down at the same time and write straight out for 30 minutes without stopping to look anything up or correct anything during that time. At the end, it is just a matter of looking up what we noted, correcting any spelling/grammar issues and voila! These are posts that we don’t have time to get ourselves in the way.


Since there are only about 4 5th Friday’s in the year, we have chosen this week to be our bonus week. Here, we will share an encouraging story from someone we have worked with, known or one of our own stories. (All with permission of course.) This allows you to connect with a variety of different people who may be in a very different or a very similar walk as what you are facing.