If you are looking for a three step or five step program to live purely, then stop looking. You have come to the right place. Not because we have a three step or five step or even ten step program to live purely, because there isn’t such a thing. Instead, what we offer are ways for you too seek out how you, specifically, can live purely, in obedience to the Lord. (Don’t believe in God or Jesus?  We would like to talk with you because you can’t be obedient to something you don’t believe in. Why would you?)

We focus on the whole person, the whole you. Purity isn’t just saving sex for marriage, sexual integrity, or not watching porn.  Purity is about everything of who we are. It is a lifelong journey with lifelong battles.  Some will be won, some lost, and some will be valiantly defeated after great trials.  

In The Whole Project, we take time to look at who we are in this world and who we are in Christ. Increasing our faith one project at a time. 

When it comes to a remodel or an entire new build, once the physical work actually begins, only parts and pieces are worked on at a given time. You can’t do the framing and the painting at the same time. There is a process and an order to what area or areas are worked on first, second, etc. The same is true with a garden. You don’t plant the seeds before turning over the soil, or considering the light and shade, the animals that may want to grab a quick meal, and the weather. When you are planning a big event, you don’t print the tickets before selecting the dates and venue, or before you have a planned purpose and the hope of the outcome.

What if the project is you?

What if the project is you?