About Rob

Although Rob grew up as a preacher’s kid, he depended more on his parent’s faith than seeking out a relationship with Jesus himself. Because of this, he developed an, “I’m good, God, go save them,” way of thinking which lead to him making decisions for himself by himself. This made it easy for him to stop attending church after he went to college. Rob would spend years searching for something that he knew was missing but didn’t know what it was. His choices led him in many different directions until God called him again, a call he heard before and ignored.

After answering the call to ministry, Rob has experienced the joy and freedom of allowing God to direct his steps. He has experienced the redemption that only God can bring. He desires to teach others how to live purely for Christ through sharing how God allowed him to go on his own and then brought him back to Himself.

Both Rob and Jenna’s stories join as God brought them together for a purpose neither one could have imagined or dreamed.